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Kaiba Mokuba x Mazaki Anzu

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HA-HA! AN UPDATE!! [Jan. 10th, 2011|11:19 pm]
Kaiba Mokuba x Mazaki Anzu

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I recommend to you the first ever Boxshipping video on Youtube made by the awesome Altararess :D


And the Wikific page:

And this smexy picture of an older Mokuba:

Type in 'mokuba older' at photobucket or deviantart and you get some neat stuff:

That's all for now! ;DD
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Attention boxshippers! Your fics wanted! [Jun. 19th, 2006|03:04 pm]
Kaiba Mokuba x Mazaki Anzu

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Please check out the First Annual Yu-Gi-Oh Novella Challenge! I'm Azurite, the third judge to join the ranks of the contest, and I hope to stimulate some interest in the less-popular categories of GEN and HET! So if you're interested in writing a novella (minimum 15,000 words or 25,000 words), please be sure to check out the community, the websites, and all the juicy details!

( Now THIS is a fake cut. )

Email either myself or Apollymi if you intend on participating in the contest, MORESO if you intend on participating in the gen/het side of it! We desperately need entries for the gen/het side, so please let us know before WEDNESDAY, JUNE 21, 2006!


This is relevant to you in many ways: (1) Boxshipping doesn't get nearly enough love (2) It's a het pairing, which is rare in our fandom (3) it features two underappreciated characters who need more time in the limelight (4) YOU CAN WIN BIG! so please give the contest a chance and check it out!
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You look familiar~ [Jan. 20th, 2006|10:21 pm]
Kaiba Mokuba x Mazaki Anzu

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Yay, first post here. 8D XD

But yes. :D Hello fellow Boxshippers! I come bearing an RP that your fellow mod Meg [__hypnoticblue] and I have been doing the past few days. It's older!Mokuba and Anzu n'such but...yeah. XD

P.S ~ Join the fanlisting! ;D

Summary: It's been 9 years since Anzu last saw any of her old friends. She's told to go chat with a possible benfactor for the arts department and she'd a bit surprised as to who she finds it to be. And I'm horrible at summaries, I know. :| XD

Part One ~ Catching UpCollapse )
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